When the episode began I was initially confused with what was going on, as with the rest of the class. Actually, I was pretty confused throughout the entire episode, but I just kept thinking to myself “Why do I still get surprised when it comes to this show?”. Watching Doctor Who sort of makes you get used to expecting the unexpected, or well, accepting that strange things are bound to happen whether you like it or not. I think that’s part of the appeal of the whole show, that no one’s really sure what they’re going to get next.

Like  in The Girl in the Fireplace, I realized how many people the Doctor affects in this episode. How all his travelling and combating aliens and saving the day has implications that we do not see, and this goes back to the issue of the consequences of time travel. The Doctor may not be changing things drastically in the time periods he arrives in, because he is careful and he knows what he’s doing, but he probably doesn’t realize that he unknowingly leaves his mark every so often, and he affects different sorts of people. And these people, they never forget the Doctor. I mean, how could you, right?

So I think that’s interesting, especially since Elton and the rest of his gang have almost spent their entire lives dedicated to finding the Doctor.

Another interesting bit of the story was Jackie. Despite being lonely she still protected the Doctor and Rose because in the end she is still Rose’s mum, and although Rose leaves her always, she still loves her very much. I like how we got to see more of Jackie in this episode, especially how she is without Rose. It’s like getting to see a whole other side to Jackie, but the funny thing is, she’s still pretty much the same.

I like the concept of Doctor-lite episodes. It’s like looking at the Whoniverse through a pair of new eyes. You see what the Doctor and Rose look like from outside their little bubble, and we’re sort of zapped back to the real world where not everything revolves around our favorite pair of time travelers. We’re reminded that even though they’re out constantly kicking alien butt and saving the Earth, they’re still part of a bigger picture.