I don’t think I enjoyed Fear Her very much. The concept was very interesting, but it felt very forced. Like, what was an episode like this doing here? I felt like they were just filling up a space before the finale.

Anyway, the concept of using drawings to manipulate the real world is a very cool one, although it’s not very original. I’d seen it in an episode of another British TV show, Misfits, where a guy had the power to control the future depending on what he drew. In Doctor Who however, drawings were being made to create new things, and to capture things that already existed. It’s a really creepy idea if you ask me, and having a child do it makes it even creepier.

At first I was thinking about how they would explain how the child got her power. Maybe she was exposed to something radioactive? Maybe she was being possessed by some evil force? Maybe her pencils and papers were magical? But alas, once again it’s aliens. Of course it’s aliens, it’s Doctor Who. I guess i was just a little disappointed at the story of the alien, and why it was doing the things it was doing, and again it felt a little disconnected from everything. I guess i just didn’t see the point of this episode.

Something i really liked though was how the Doctor and Rose were all cute and couple-y again, going around a normal little town acting like detectives. It felt a little refreshing to see them in such a normal setting. It’s a nice break from all the big battling hordes of zombiefied aliens and saving the Earth from sheer destruction.

Another thing i enjoyed, although found a little strange and AGAIN a little out of place, was the whole Olympics thing. It just felt so random to have all of these things coincide with the Olympics. Perhaps it was just a way to get David Tennant to run with the Olympic torch? And I don’t know, even if it was a little weird for things to add up to that, I found it really funny. The Doctor not only saves the Earth, but in a completely random turn of events, saves the Olympics as well. And this actually got me to thinking, why hasn’t anyone noticed the Doctor or recognized him yet?