As soon as Rose says “This is the story of how I died” and they begin to show clips of the ninth Doctor and her travels with the tenth, I literally began to freak out. As much as I had a love/hate thing for Rose, I did not want her to die at all. I enjoyed the Rose/Doctor dynamic so much, and I was going to be devastated if anything happened to Rose.

When the ghosts first come out, I love how the Doctor finds out just how widespread the whole ghost thing is through the TV. On TV, every single channel talks about ghosts, and it’s through different kinds of shows. I like this a lot because it’s another way of showing how important TV is, that it provides us with additional information about what’s going on around the world, and we see how people are using the ghost phenomenon for profit. It’s a classic incidence that we barely ever notice anymore. How something seems to “sweep the nation” because it’s all over the television. The Doctor goes through shows that resemble talk shows, news reports, commercials and even soap operas and I think it’s just the most hilarious and creative thing ever.

Moving on, this is the episode where Torchwood is finally revealed. We find out that they’re the ones controlling the ghost shifts. They’re also responsible for taking care of any alien activity happening on Earth. Torchwood controls the opening and closing of a breach, which allows the ghosts to cross over. The Doctor finds this to be incredibly dangerous, as it continues to destroy the Earth. Torchwood doesn’t believe the Doctor and even tells him that he’s “Lording it over” again and “assuming alien authority over the rights of man”. And again it’s another look into humans, and how they become too full of themselves once they gain the smallest bit of power and authority. People assume that they can do whatever they want once they find that they’re successful in their little experiments. They become greedy and careless, and now refuse to listen to the Doctor, claiming that he is assuming authority just because he’s an alien, and aliens think they’re better than humans. Luckily the Doctor’s reverse psychology works and it stops them from performing another ghost shit that could pose even more danger for the Earth.

But then Torchwood employees who seem to be possessed by something override the system and put them into another ghost shift. The ghosts then materialize and become Cybermen. They have been taking advantage of the opening of the breach to cross over into our world so that they may dominate it. All of a sudden the sphere that had been hanging inside Torchwood opens up and in a bizarre plot twist, the Daleks come out. It’s the first time I think in the history of Doctor Who that the Daleks and the Cybermen are in the same time and space together, and it’s extremely terrifying. Two of the Doctor’s most difficult enemies have now invaded Earth and there’s seems to be little room left for the Doctor to save the day.

By the way, I was really happy to see Mickey again. Like I said before, Mickey is probably one of my favourite characters in the series, and I’m really happy that he’s so much more bad ass now. He isn’t the bumbling sidekick anymore. Now he’s the one protecting Rose and saving the earth. That, I think, is one of the best things that could happen to a character.