I really didn’t want to write about this episode because it meant finding out whether or not Rose was going to live. But here it goes.

The Daleks and the Cybermen have invaded the earth at the same time, and as frightening as it is, I thoroughly enjoyed their first encounters with each other. They have a sort of face off where all they do is insult each other, and I think it’s classic of Davies’ to do that. Who else would pit two emotionless alien races against each other and just insult each other that well?

My favourite is when the Dalek tells the Cybermen that they are superior in only one respect and then it proceeds to say “You are better at dying.” Talk about a solid burn.

Anyway, just when all hope is lost Jake and the rest of those over at Pete’s World come to save the day. Only, Pete isn’t after saving our earth, he wants to save his world as well. He asks the Doctor for help to get rid of the Cybermen and close the breach forever, so that it may stop causing damage to his world. The Doctor accepts this challenge. He finds that he can keep the breach open long enough to suck the Daleks and the Cybermen in so that they may get lost in the void forever. But when he attempts to close the breach something goes horribly wrong. The Doctor cannot save Rose, and at the last minute Pete jumps in to save her, leaving the Doctor to close the breach forever, making it impossible for the Doctor to cross from our world to Pete’s World.

This is the moment the Doctor saves the world. This is the moment Rose Tyler dies on our Earth, because she no longer exists here, she now exists in the parallel earth. And I guess you could say that this is the moment my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. I was absolutely devastated  when I realized that there would be no way for the Doctor and Rose to be together ever again. I think this is one of the most heartbreaking and yet beautiful moments in the entire series, and maybe I’m just too attached to the Doctor/Rose team, but it was such a bitter moment for me.

When Rose follows the Doctor’s voice along with her family and Mickey, and end up in Bad Wolf Bay, I think it’s a great way to sum everything up and end the series. And then the Doctor materializes in front of her and I just cannot stop crying.

When the Doctor says “I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye.” The deal is sealed for me, I will never stop loving this team.

And then he says “Here you are, living life day after day. One adventure I can never have.” And we’re reminded of how the Doctor isn’t travelling because it’s his choice. No, that’s the companion’s choice. The Doctor is The Doctor because it’s his job. But he doesn’t resent it, he loves it. And again, like I’ve said so many times, I think it’s amazing, the Doctor’s character.

I’m a little angry at Doctor Who for having to put its fans through so much emotional stress every time they change a Doctor or a companion. But that’s the way things are, and I think it’s a measure of just how loyal fans are to the entire series. Doctor Who fans, they don’t just stick to the show because they like a particular character, or a particular team. They stick to the show for the entire show, and they trust the writers to take it further and keep doing what they’re doing. And so I think this is one of the most perfect shows to study, and to be a fan of. It’s an amazing experience like no other, and I’m so glad I took this class.