This is the story of how I died.

Emotionally loaded like a gun all too ready to fire—that was the description that seemed to consume the once giddy girl I knew named Rose Tyler.

The episode opens with the Doctor and Rose coming back home to Jackie. It seems like just another spring cleaning for both of them as they are ready to unload whatever physical and emotional baggage they’ve accumulated throughout their journeys. Jackie acts like an oddball that just becomes completely crazy. She introduces the idea of “ghosts” that have seem to plague the world with its timed appearances and ghastly apparitions. Something very human was shown in the show when people started accepting the “ghosts” as justifications of long-lost loved ones manifesting themselves. It is all too easy for us to think that maybe, just maybe, these “ghosts” from beyond are the people we have loved and lost a long time ago.

The Doctor, being the all-knowing alien that he is, dismisses that assumption and proceeds to know of Torchwood, the eponymous name that has a special place in the hearts of people that know its reference. The mysterious object that seems to resemble a sphere is then discovered to be of existence in a universe between the universes, a “nothingness” that seems inhabit said ship.

The personnel of Torchwood continue to pursue the greatest human fault—exploiting everything of every source of every energy we come across to. It is seen that even though that unknown adversary has already crossed enemy lines and is soon sweeping in for the kill.

Rose avoids detection and scores herself an almost-all-entrance-pass to the place where the “void ship” is located. She is compromised and recognizes Mickey as one of the professionals in the building. The manipulated Torchwood employees open the said rift through an unscheduled and unadvised “ghost shift”.  We then see the ghosts are just another dosage of those iron and steel monsters in the form of Cybermen. The Doctor comes to know that something more menacing and more technologically capacitated is about to come to Earth and make it surrender to its power.

Samuel, who is really just Mickey to you and me, proceeds to explain all the pieces left in the puzzle. He still believe that maybe those atrocious pieces of metal may be behind all the ruckus. He aims a gun until that sphere opens up once again, now producing the most well-known and passionately-hated of all of the Doctor’s foes—the Daleks.

I must admit that a season finale wouldn’t seem and feel like a good season finale without some good ‘ol Dalek destruction. This being the first half of such finale, I believe it provided enough substance to be able to bridge the story quite well. The lingering feeling of fear and utter sadness that opened this episode is still ringing in every aspect of my Doctor-Rose ship. How they’ll do that ending is all a big question just waiting for a final and definitive answer.