… teenage single mother in 1941”, says the Doctor. I was a bit shocked by the idea the Nancy was the mother of the creepy looking kid.  It looks like I was not clever enough to see that coming. To me, since I was not able to guess that she was the mummy, I find that twist very effective in ending the episode. It makes me remember the episode not only because it would give me goose bumps because of the scary looking kid but because of the heartwarming mother and son reunion in the end. It felt that Nancy was no longer carrying the world in her hands. It is a good lesson to teenage mothers out there. It is knowing how to take responsibility for one’s actions. It would be never easy to raise a child. It is already difficult today, what more during the year 1941?

I liked Jack’s character here because of the change that he had undergone. He started as a self-centered man who wants to get what he wanted no matter what the cost is. We see a scene that he runs away thinking that he would just leave everyone but he did not do so. As the episode continued, a lot of things changed in his character. There was more to the character we saw at the beginning of the episode. It is interesting to know that there was already a full blown change of this character just by watching one episode. I was able to see change in him when he goes along saving the world. He was more unlikely the hero here. He was able to prove that he was more than his looks and he was way better than Adam as a companion.

This made me realize seeing how the Doctor really shows care towards the people he saves. He does not do these things not just because it is his obligation to do so but it also boils down to the idea that he cares for these people. He cares for humanity. It is not about he must but he really wants to. This makes him more awesome as a hero of the world. I think that is his Philosophy in life. Caring for the other and being for the other even though one does not know who the other is. I admire the Doctor for that burning fire that keeps him going in spite of all the loneliness he is going through. He was devoting all his time to care for the human race no matter how sticky the situation may be.

Well, the title was sort of weird since this was the continuation of a very scary episode, The Empty Child. The Doctor dancing? Hmm. What coud that supposed to mean? Despite the un-usual-ness, it seemed like it literally ended with the Doctor dancing. Even though it was not the biggest thing about the episode, ending with that scene was sort of cute. He does not actually look like a dancer , if you know what I mean, but it really seemed cute with that scene in mind. Hihi.