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S1E10: The Doctor Dances

… teenage single mother in 1941”, says the Doctor. I was a bit shocked by the idea the Nancy was the mother of the creepy looking kid.  It looks like I was not clever enough to see that coming. To me, since I was not able to guess that she was the mummy, I find that twist very effective in ending the episode. It makes me remember the episode not only because it would give me goose bumps because of the scary looking kid but because of the heartwarming mother and son reunion in the end. It felt that Nancy was no longer carrying the world in her hands. It is a good lesson to teenage mothers out there. It is knowing how to take responsibility for one’s actions. It would be never easy to raise a child. It is already difficult today, what more during the year 1941?

I liked Jack’s character here because of the change that he had undergone. He started as a self-centered man who wants to get what he wanted no matter what the cost is. We see a scene that he runs away thinking that he would just leave everyone but he did not do so. As the episode continued, a lot of things changed in his character. There was more to the character we saw at the beginning of the episode. It is interesting to know that there was already a full blown change of this character just by watching one episode. I was able to see change in him when he goes along saving the world. He was more unlikely the hero here. He was able to prove that he was more than his looks and he was way better than Adam as a companion.

This made me realize seeing how the Doctor really shows care towards the people he saves. He does not do these things not just because it is his obligation to do so but it also boils down to the idea that he cares for these people. He cares for humanity. It is not about he must but he really wants to. This makes him more awesome as a hero of the world. I think that is his Philosophy in life. Caring for the other and being for the other even though one does not know who the other is. I admire the Doctor for that burning fire that keeps him going in spite of all the loneliness he is going through. He was devoting all his time to care for the human race no matter how sticky the situation may be.

Well, the title was sort of weird since this was the continuation of a very scary episode, The Empty Child. The Doctor dancing? Hmm. What coud that supposed to mean? Despite the un-usual-ness, it seemed like it literally ended with the Doctor dancing. Even though it was not the biggest thing about the episode, ending with that scene was sort of cute. He does not actually look like a dancer , if you know what I mean, but it really seemed cute with that scene in mind. Hihi.


S1E6: Dalek

An amusing thing that I noticed about this episode is that it is set in 2012 which is now. And with regards to this episode, somebody already owned the internet at the year two thousand twelve. It is quite impossible but amazing thinking about it happening in reality. HAHAHA. Anyway.

I think this episode really contributes to the baby steps that are continuously forming into the identity of the Doctor. We finally get to meet the reason that led to the death of the Time Lords. It is what they call the Dalek. This Dalek is captured by Van Statten, who is supposedly the owner of the internet.  I do wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Yeah, I know that the Daleks killed the Doctor’s race. But I was not expecting that that is how a Dalek looks like. It’ s just a big piece of metal. And then, what they would always say is just “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” It also looks weird or am I not just used to seeing robots since I do not watch sci-fi shows that much? With the appearance of the Dalek, this was the first time the Doctor showed full emotion about the fact that Daleks killed his race. For sure, he felt sad about being the last among them but how he reacted towards that  in this episode was way different from before. We get to see more of the Doctor here, how much pain he has inside of him. It was not just the feeling of loneliness but also the feelings of anger and hate.

If there is the Doctor who is full of hatred, we have here, Rose, who was at the opposite end of the Doctor. She really felt sorry for the Dalek even though she knows that it was them who killed the other Time Lords. It was probably because she does not really know how the Doctor feels. It was not Rose who was left alone. It was the Doctor.

Aside from this episode really emotional, we get to see here that there is this Adam character who gets to go inside the TARDIS. I was thinking that they barely know him and he gets to go inside. Well, I guess that is how the Doctor gets his companions. Just by being randomly picked up, somewhere. Given this, would Adam become an official companion? Does that mean that he gets to stay? Meaning, there is already 3 of them? So many questions bugging my mind. I think it would be nice to just wait and see what is going to happen next. I like episodes like this which is sort of a cliff hanger because you get to be excited to watch the next episode. This, I say, makes you want to watch a TV show continuously because there is something to look forward to. You do not get fed up. You just keep watching. So let’s keep updated on the next episode of Doctor Who!

S1E9: The Empty Child

With the amazing powers of the TARDIS, Rose and the Doctor are brought back into London during World War II. Aside from the terror of WWII, this episode is accompanied with a little boy wearing a gas mask and calling out for his mummy. Then we meet another Doctor named Constantine who takes care of patients who have the same disease as the little boy. They all have gas masks and looking for their mummy. This really gives me goosebumps. GOSH. Creepy child is creepy. Not just that. There are a lot of them. They looked like zombies but with a different depiction since they are wearing gas masks. At the start of the show, I was not even sure if they were dead already or not. I just have to ask why does it always have to be an abandoned hospital? It seems mainstream but still striking with it being scary. Also, why does it have to be a kid who is supposed to be cute gets to be the bad guy here?

In spite of this creepy feeling, there is a sort of twist when Captain Jack enters the picture. We get to meet a guy who matches the Doctor in wit and technology. But when in comes to charisma, Captain Jack will obviously get an A while the Doctor will get a B… or a C+. He is the typical masculine superhero type of guy. He is like the Doctor in so many ways but I get so more attracted to his sonic gun and his invisible spaceship. I think that is why he was able to captivate Rose so easily.  You know, she likes hanging out with boys, especially the cute ones. HAHAHA. And also, we learned a new word: Time Agent. It is confusing that there are Time Lords and Time Agents which are almost the same with each other.

We see here another human side in the character of the Doctor. He could have felt sympathy for the scary looking kid. I think he could see himself in this kid who is lost, looking for his mummy since he is the only one left among the Time Lords. He could possibly feel what the scary looking kid is feeling. I just realized that I keep calling the kid “scary looking kid” but he ‘s just wearing a gas mask. I guess the fact that it only needs a touch for you to become like him freaks me out already.

This episode brings about a different style of looking at horror shows. It had the same generic idea of walking like zombies but the thing is, they are wearing gas masks. These are gas masks that we should not be afraid of but we tend to become afraid just because of this episode. Another thing is they do not even make scary sounds that make you frightened to hell. It is just the question, “Where is my mummy?” that keeps playing over and over again.  Up to this time, I still feel goosebumps while writing this blog entry. So good job to them cause they were able to make the creepy feeling stay!

S2E6: The Age of Steel

Okay, so this is the continuation of the previous episode, Rise of the Cybermen. Aside from being surrounded by dreadful Cybermen, this episode has depicted a lot of changes in the story of our characters, more importantly, Mickey Smith.

With this episode, we get to see something which what I believe was the bravest thing that Mickey did in his entire life. There was a sudden twist that viewers do not feel sorry towards him. It is the decision of being left behind and letting go of Rose. I think he really made the best decision he will ever make in his life. He has learned to give up Rose. Well, in a way, he has grown into a more mature person. Actually, I believe that this will benefit him so much since he gets to create a new life once again. Back in his old life, he was just put down by people. He was never seen as one of the best, always second and among the rest. This is the new Mickey, not the goofy character that we all laugh about. Also, living in this new world of his, he gets to spend time with his grandmother who is still alive. He can create a better narrative knowing that he will, in a way, start from scratch. I guess he already found purpose in his life. He has seen what it means to exist. Moreover, his decisions, I think, are not based on selfish reasons since he wants to be of help in stopping the Cybermen who is still in that parallel world.

I think Mickey leaving goes to show how Rose have neglected him. She was too blinded by the idea that the Doctor was too good with this or that. At this time around, Rose already has this idea of being left behind.  I have a feeling that it never came into her mind that Mickey would be doing this to her.  I guess the wheel of fortune has gave her the price that she must pay. Sometimes, in leaving and letting go, people would realize what they would lose once that someone is not already there. This certainly is true for Mickey and Rose. Another thing that led into Rose’s heartache is Pete (from the parallel universe) not accepting her as his daughter from a different universe. Poor Rose. (Funny note: I laughed big time upon seeing that Rose was a dog in the parallel world)

Finally, this episode really got me into thinking how thankful I am for free will and intellect. I cannot imagine myself having earpods and being controlled by a higher being. Well, technically, in the show, it is not really a higher being but a person who assumes of himself as a GOD. It just sucks. Freedom is lost if that happens. I like the way that Doctor Who makes us think about what we want in life and to appreciate things that we have. They have the capability to insert lessons applicable to life even with the use of the sci-fi genre.



S2E3: School Reunion

“I am the tin dog.”

One sentence says it all. This episode showed how Mickey felt degraded as a person. Being compared to a tin dog can mean so many things but I do not see anything positive about it. Yeah, we can say that K9 was really helpful and efficient. It is something that you can really depend on or in other words, it is really reliable, especially during the time that it saved its masters from the enemies. But with the looks of it, the analogy of someone being compared to a tin dog can never be accepted as a compliment. I personally felt sad for Mickey.

Moreover, I felt affected for Rose too. This proved to her that the Doctor’s companions do not last forever. She must be prepared to face the fact that they will be a time that they have to part ways. I believe that it is something that Rose is really afraid of. She could have developed the fear of the Doctor getting to meet other girls simply because of the fact that she could easily be replaced by someone far more interesting than her.  Looking at it from the Doctor’s perspective, he  might have gotten used to the idea that his companions get separated from him. I feel that it is his companions who find a hard time letting go. Well, if you could imagine, how could one go back to such a normal life when you already have experienced what is beyond your imagination?  I think I would feel the same way if ever if I become a companion and get to be separated from the Doctor.

Sarah Jane’s present reminds Rose of her future. This is what could possibly happen to her. Things do come to an end, whether we like it or not. On the other hand, Rose reminds Sarah Jane of her past. It was the past that she misses the most not only because of the experiences she had of going all over the universe but also because it was the past that she had with the Doctor. On a lighter note, I think it was nice that Sarah Jane got to have the closure that she wanted with the Doctor.

This once again reminds us of the infinitude of the Doctor. The Doctor is beyond our essence of being human. The Doctor will forever go its own way, leaving the companions that he once had because that is how his life goes. Whenever I watch Doctor Who, sometimes I do forget that this is the life of the Doctor. This life of his, I believe, is a lonely life. What I take note of, usually, throughout the episodes is the possible romantic relationship with Rose and how he would flirt with different girls but I tend to forget the idea of “separation”. Maybe this coud possibly be his defense mechanism in order not to be reminded of the fact that he is already alone. People come, people go. This is what the Doctor wants to remind us.


S2E1: New Earth

The series starts off with New Earth. It is the new Earth that has been made after the destruction of the Sun. It is amazing if you think about it that there is still Earth after the destruction of the Sun. But in reality, is there really life after that kind of phenomenon?

Having a new character as the Doctor, it feels kind of awkward to feel the same kind of love Rose felt for the Doctor because you know, it is like talking to a different kind of person. However, who he is now is still the same with who he is before. Ethically speaking, in reality, it is just hard to approach someone you know if the face is already different. It is just like how Philosophy would say it: you encounter the other through a face. This is what makes you communicate the other. This is usually the first thing that you look at.

In relation to that, the face of the new Doctor is more amusing to watch. I guess that is what you call personal bias. I find him cuter than the old Doctor and it seems that the corny jokes go better hand in hand with him. I try not to be judgmental towards the old Doctor but at some point, aesthetics and visuals are really important when it comes to watching television shows. There is that certain standard of things that would be nice to see. It is one of the different things between television shows and radio programs. In radio programs, how a person looks like is not that important because you would not be able to see him. What becomes more critical in radio programs are the sounds and the voice quality that make the show. Also, on a side note, David Tennant can go along with the fierce look and still look cute.

Aside from that, there is a bigger possibility in the romantic relationship between the Tennant Doctor and Rose. It just goes to show that after a couple of episodes, there might be greater change as to how these two characters would develop. They actually look better together than the former Doctor. Maybe, it is because of the age of Christopher Eccleston that sets apart the romantic relationship between the two of them.

I think exposure to television generally media exposure can really affect how we see people. We tend to have our definition of beauty just because of what we see in television and in magazines. We begin to have our own standards in the sense that we become judgmental towards others. So I apologize Mr. Chistopher Eccleston for being so mean.

Also, I prefer Cassandra’s comeback as a villain. I learned to appreciate her better than the first time she appeared on The End of the World. There was an improvement in her character in this episode. She was more than the one sided evil character. Here we get to see a different Cassandra. In a way, I became proud of Cassandra when she finally accepted death as it is.

S1E5: World War Three

So this episode is just a continuation of the last episode. Here we could get a better grasp at what the Slitheens want from Earth. It is not really reign and conquest over the planet. It is all about the money. Come to think of think, the fact that monsters are enslaved with money like human beings is a funny concept for me. I never really thought that monsters could be greedy for money too. All I thought was that their main conquest was to take over the planet and make human beings their slaves but no, they want everyone wiped out just so they could sell lumps of rock to other alien groups. This actually could define a lot of things about how we are with society, nowadays. It can possibly portray the real capitalist world that we have now. Making more money and not caring about the other. It is different from what Philosophy is teaching us.

Once again, the show depicts how television is a powerful tool as a source of information. Positively thinking, it is a way for information to travel from one place to another. But on the other side of the fence, the problem with television is that it gives a sort of framing onto what to believe.  It gives you a direction that you have to go to, saying that this is what you have to see. Just like what happened in this episode. People were made to believe what the Slitheens in costumes were saying. The television is powerful because it can send even false information all over the world.

This episode also brings about a lot of questioning as to what feelings will develop between the Doctor and Rose. They have potential romantic chemistry but somehow unfitting for their age gap. Anyway, that will flourish or stop as the episodes go by. It is too early to judge what could possibly happen for these two.

The impression that this episode will leave us is the idea that the gross looking Slitheens are like the human beings as well. We cannot really say that everyone is like that but somehow we see people who go beyond just to satisfy their greed. It is a sad truth, honestly, but that is how reality works. Doctor Who is quite brilliant in presenting a current issue through the genre of sci-fi. This reminds me that this is not just about science whiz, it talks about the realities of the world that we forget to recognize because we were already so caught up with it.

Finally, it was like any other Doctor Who episode. It contained funny lines, encounter with aliens and the mysterious Doctor is slowly going out of his shell. This makes the viewers more interested into watching the future episodes to be able to understand the Doctor better and for hopeless romantics, watching future episodes can be an avenue to be up to date on what would happen to Rose and the Doctor.

S1E4: Aliens of London

Before anything else, I hate the Slitheens. I really, really do. I hate how they look like. I hate it every time they unzip their foreheads and most importantly, I hate it every time they fart. It is so disgusting and annoying. They might be one of my most unwanted villains in this show. I just don’t get it. Why do they have to unzip theirselves in order for them to go back to their original self? It doesn’t look villain-y at all. I do not even feel threatened seeing them. If ever I get to have an encounter with them, I will just ran away because I do not want to stay close to them and not for any reason at all. Being a Slitheen could possibly feel like wearing a costume because it is Halloween then you scare people if you do not get what you want. It is as simple as that.

Aside from that, we have here Rose Tyler having flyers everywhere saying that she has gone missing. To the travelers, it could have been 12 hours but in the real world, it was already 12 months. Here we can see how television can have a world of its own that the viewers could not see. We may say that we know everything about the show but there is a possibility that the Doctor and Rose could be travelling into some place without us knowing where they went. If you think about it, when the Doctor said that they were out for 12 hours, we didn’t actually see them doing stuff for 12 hours. It was a just a couple of hours, actually.

One of the funniest aspects of this episode was when the Doctor was watching television. To me it felt like he was degraded into watching the news with everyone else. Since he is the known superhero of the show, he could have had used some kind awesome technology to see what was happening. We give here an importance to the television. The television is more than just a television. It helps us jump in into a situation that we cannot experience. We do not get to experience everything first hand but still we are able to jump in and visualize what is happening. It distorts our time and place. You may be in the Philippines but since you see wars in some other country, it can make you feel the horror that the people there are experiencing. Unfortunately, watching television can gear you towards a biased view. It could be a perspective that you are swayed to believe because of the show that you are watching.

Finally, it ends with a cliff hanger. This wants to make me think what the Siltheens really want from the humans. World domination, I guess. At some point, despite not liking how the Slitheens look like, it makes me interested to know how the episode will end.  What could the Doctor do to kick out these farting aliens from outer space? Let us wait and see.

Here is Rose travelling 5 billion years into the future. Exciting! Different kinds of beings were gathered together to witness the destruction of planet Earth, the planet of humans. And Rose was there to see this! I think it was unfortunate of her to be a part of this saddening event for us humans. The Earth, with such rich history, was going to die soon. I have been hearing all those kinds of stories of how the world would end but it did not matter to me so much because I did not really care. Maybe because it was due to the fact that it was not really my problem anymore. Coming from Rose’s perspective, being able to see what was going to happen from up there, the scenario was pretty much hard on her part. It could have been hard for me too if I just looked at the bigger picture. As I swallowed in what was happening, I thus realized that I would never want this day to come because the end of the Earth meant the end of everything for human race.

The episode concludes with the Doctor asking Rose if she wants to travel with him. Rose then tries to stay away from answering that question by saying that she wants… she wants chips. I was thinking that maybe she really did not want to talk about it. It was a heavy question to ask. To me, her experience was one of the worst travelling experiences ever. I thought travelling was a kind of stress reliever. With all the things that she saw about the world coming to its end, it was not something nice to watch. The episode closes with them getting chips as if nothing happened.

In spite of the heavy scenario portrayed in this episode, humor was still managed to be injected. The gifts of peace were really funny. Hmm, giving air from one’s lungs, how could that be something special? HAHAHA. My friend could have slapped me if I gave her something like that for her birthday. Cassandra, who was supposedly the last living person in the universe, contributed a lot to the funny scenes in this episode. With all her vanity and the “Moisturize me” line, her role sets up to lighten the mood of the episode. Also, “Toxic” being considered as a ballad – that was pretty hilarious too. It’s one of the things that I like about Doctor Who: the fact that is not just about the nitty gritty stuff of sci-fi. The audience does not really have to be geeks for them to appreciate the story. That is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of any sci-fi related TV show or movie. Some of these sci-fi shows talk too much about the technical stuff which I do not find myself interested. Doctor Who deviates from the kind of sci-fi TV show that would bore some people, like me. But you know, it still takes a little bit of sci-fi knowledge to understand the concept of the show.

S1E11: Boom Town

The Slitheens are back! Oh dear. I really hate this guys who have zippers on their heads. They could also be distinguished as the “farting aliens”. I don’t really find them scary but I just find them so unattractive to the eyes.

What was supposedly a recharging day for our travelers turn out so differently. Margaret, one of the Slitheens, enters the picture. However, something new about this episode focused on the other side of a Slitheen. A common notion would say that a Slitheen is automatically and always is the bad guy. A twist was experienced when Margaret let go of her supposed prey. When this supposed  prey of hers started talking about marriage and pregnancy, the emotional side of our bad guy was touched which stopped her from killing her. So it was about “second chances”. Our main character has his own version of the theme of “second chances”. Latter scenes of the episode showed that Margaret got caught by the Doctor and the rest of the gang. After so many attempts of escaping, she was asking for a second chance. She was asking the Doctor to let her go. Because, if she gets back to her home, she would just be executed.

One thing that left my mind hanging was knowing that the TARDIS has a heart. It knows the deepest desires of a person. Well, how could that be possible? So the TARDIS here is more than some sort of spaceship where they could fly from one place to another or go to a different time from the other. The TARDIS has a heart! Woah, pretty cool if you think about it. It could be compared to a crystal ball which knows what you would want to do in your life.

Comparing this episode with the other episodes, I find this episode as only a filler to continue having a flow with the season. It was barely needed. It did not have the impact that the other episodes had. And yeah, I have my own personal bias because I don’t like the Slitheens. That is why I felt disappointed having to watch another episode about them.

In spite of this, I had fun watching the scene where the Doctor allowed Margaret to go out for dinner especially during the times that the Doctor would preempt all of Margaret’s plans. They actually looked like a legitimate couple if one would look at them from afar. I just have no idea if they were enjoying the company of each other.  HAHAHA. Also, Mickey being part of the plan of capturing the Slitheen contributed to the funny atmosphere. This was because he was playing the role of some stupid guy who did not know what to do. He was like the clown who would unintentionally make us laugh because of his silliness. He was different because he did not have the action moves of jumping over something without hitting it. He was not as cool as the others when it comes to crime fighting.