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S2E13 Doomsday


If there is to be a deeper valley of tears from expressive women and real, emotionally-stable men than when Zanessa (or Brad-Jennifer) broke up then I guess this moment right here would be it! There is some late-episode sniffing and silent comforting to be done because this episode left the biggest dent in my heart that the Doctor has ever managed.

I will not delve into the specifics because I believe this blog entry should be devoted to how I, as the devoted viewer, was able to feel every stolen breath and captivating moment in such ending. Also, since I think the disclaimer above is worth mentioning—this episode is a must watch for devotees and non-believers alike!

I guess the biggest crumb in the giant Whovian cookie that is dealt with in this episode is all about suffering and surviving goodbyes. It is but human to be afraid of being left alone. More so if you have invested your time (years in the life of Rose), effort (all those near-death experiences), and “love life” (because we were all secretly and naively hoping for a happy ending) in a figurative and literal journey you were willing to spend your whole life pursuing. There is also the fact the Rose has embodied and voiced out that fear so many times before that it makes this reality so much more powerful. As much as Rose is held at the most painful standstill, the audience is also kept at the most riveting cliff-hanger of them all. I guess for the most part, it’s more of the audience hoping that this is a cliff-hanger mainly because they don’t want it to end. The Doctor-Rose saga could very well bid its adieu this episode but this only leaves the fans longing for so much more.

The dream wherein Rose sees the Doctor is so captivating as I see myself in that room again, trying but failing to hold back tears. Rose’s faith brings her back to the Doctor, although this time it’s a lot less physical but a whole lot more personal. This time, a breach works in their favour as they converse one last time. Rose breaks down and confesses her love for the Doctor and he stares and in true television-cliché-madness, the breach collapses into nothingness. Rose screams and cries like a jilted bride with nothing more than faded memory to console her. We see the Doctor, which as much emotion as he has ever shown, also stuck in that moment with barely enough strength to confess that he loves her too. The room is silent with a tension so deadly no one dares to speak.

We see a woman, quite prematurely in a wedding dress, nonchalantly hanging out in the TARDIS. The mini-war freak in all of us is astounded, even thoroughly concerned, that maybe the Doctor will move on all too fast and all too painfully this time around.


*Lets the manly tears and womanly sobs shamelessly commence! *


S2E13: Doomsday

Cybermen, Torchwood, Jackie, Rose, the Doctor, and Mickey– Can it get anymore exciting than this?

Well of course it can! The Daleks will definitely leave bang in the episode!

Two enemies and a frenemy, can the Doctor handle it? Of course he can!

In this episode, we not only see the Doctor battle one enemy, but he battles two! And the funny thing about this is that the two enemies are against each other as well. We see that the Daleks are more powerful than the Cybermen, and when they head into conflict, both Daleks and Cybermen forget about the human race and try to destroy each other.

This episode has a lot going on. Not only did Mickey return to the scene, but so does Pete Tyler. It’s quite touching that Pete who is a widower in his world, and Jackie who is a widow in her world, despite the fact that they are a universe apart, they still fall for each other. Pete of course at first convinces himself that they can’t be together because the Jackie Tyler from Rose’s world is not the Jackie Tyler that he married… and same goes for Jackie… But eventually, they do fall for each other. I guess the reason for this is because, it is a parallel universe, so their personalities must be parallel as well. Because their personalities are parallel, the people that they’ve lost are similar to the people that they’ve found. So it doesn’t really make a huge difference. Does that make sense? I hope so. I mean, it is a parallel universe, not an alternate universe, so things are still similar.

The statement of the Cyberman: “You are proof that emotions destroy you” was negated when Yvonne Hartman, the Director of Torchwood after being upgraded helps the Doctor and his companions by going against the Cybermen.

“I did my duty for the queen and country”– Yvonne Hartman

This shows the beauty of being human. Despite how imperfect our emotions can make us, it is still capable of making us completely better creatures than Cybermen or Daleks. They may have the impenetrable armor or advanced exterminating capabilities, but one thing they don’t have is our human capacity to feel, which is more powerful than anything else. And sometimes, our emotions overcome all odds and prove to be more valuable than they seem at times. Our emotions empower us.

What struck me most about this episode was the ending when the Doctor chose to sacrifice his happiness (He’s obviously in love with Rose) in order to save not only the two universes, but to save Rose. Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing to do. So he decides to send Rose and Jackie to the parallel universe to be with Mickey, Pete, and the gang. Jackie of course agree to this since she has been “reunited” with Pete. But Rose of course is against the idea. When they transport to the parallel universe, Rose immediately goes back to her universe.

“I’ve made my choice a long time ago and I’m never gonna leave you” – Rose Tyler

I was very moved by how the Doctor simply stared into Roses eyes after she had said this. After centuries of travelling alone, he meets someone who was willing to stay with him forever. Both of them were definitely in love with each other, but still deep down no matter what happens, he knows that one day he’ll have to leave her for one reason or another. She could stay with him during her lifetime, but he can’t stay with her during his lifetime. The curse of the Time Lords as the Doctor puts it. But during that moment, when Rose comes back to him despite him telling her to go to the parallel universe and be safe… during that moment, we could see how grateful both were for each other. We could see the bond that they have shared ever since they met each other. During that moment, we could see that the Doctor could get what he wanted.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. (Well, it’s a not so happy ending)

Rose takes the risk of being sucked in the void to be with her Doctor, and at a moment we all thought the risk would happen. Thankfully, Pete was able to save Rose just in time. The original plan of the Doctor worked, but the Doctor and Rose never get a proper chance to say good bye at that moment. I also want to add how maybe before the Doctor, she wanted to be with her dad so badly. I mean, in Father’s Day, she tried to save him right? And in the end, she does get that. She gets her dad. She gets Pete Tyler. But with that, she loses the Doctor. In a way, someone had to be taken away from her for her to get what she thought she wanted, but when she discovers that it would be the Doctor, then… Well, she didn’t want it anymore. I mean, she even went back for the Doctor. So in the end, the Doctor doesn’t get what he wants. He does the right thing, but he is left alone to travel the world again.

I know I keep saying that the Doctor and Rose are in love. I mean, if they were, wouldn’t he try to find a way to be with her?But the Doctor isn’t one to go for what he wants. He’s the type who does the right thing even though it hurts. Though they go their separate ways… At least the Doctor was able to say good bye to her. I find the few last scenes very touching. In the parallel universe, we see that at some point, Rose is able to move forward, not necessarily move on, but she is able to move forward with the help of her family.

At the start of this adventure, Rose tells us…

“This is the story of how I died.”

At first, we think that she may die in battle, but I guess this story is a different kind of death. Rose continues the introduction by talking about how “The last 19 years of my life, nothing happened, nothing at all.. until the Doctor came.” That’s when she started to “live”. So when they go on their separate ways, unable to see or even speak to each other ever again– I guess somehow she dies of that separation. So now the introduction makes sense. But wait! Don’t think the Doctor left Rose hanging! (But he actually does…)

When the Doctor finds a way to say good bye to Rose, I was really moved when he said…

“I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye”-The Doctor

He indeed loved Rose that he would go as far as giving her a star. (I mean, not literally giving her a star, but I’m sure you get what I mean… Right?) It’s very romantic, don’t you think? We even see the Doctor cry for the first time. It can be very well said that the Doctor and Rose were in love with each other, and one doesn’t need a kiss to prove that. Their good byes in Bad Wolf Bay (Bad Wolf… I guess will forever be theirs to share) was enough for us to know how much they meant to each other.

Note: Because Doctor Who seems to love cliffhangers, when the Doctor isn’t able to say what he wants to Rose because their 2 minutes are up… We are suddenly introduced to a girl in a wedding dress inside the TARDIS. This is actually quite a funny scene… and it’s very out of place, but knowing Doctor Who… Well, that’s Doctor Who for you!

S2E13: Doomsday

Doctor Who. Torchwood Institute. Cybermen. Daleks. Parallel Earths.

I’d say the only thing missing right now would be a squad of ninja pirates and is already ready to win as the most action packed episode of the revival so far. But regardless of the lack of ninja pirates in this episode I still think this finale is at the very least deserves the title of the most action packed episode. There was a lot of firepower being traded in this episode and all kinds of battles happening mainly Cybermen versus Daleks but also featuring such performance as Cybermen and Humanity versus Daleks. In my opinion though what saves this finale apart from being a clone of a Michael Bay production would be its dialogue.

There are four very notable dialogues in this episodes that caught my eye. The first dialogue would be the one between the Cybermen and the Daleks. This is very notable since apparently this would be the first time the Cybermen and the Daleks would share the screen in an episode. It was also interesting because of the way they interacted, with the Cybermen being logical and actually proposing an alliance between their species so that they would be able to conquer the universe and the Daleks refusing to accept the alliance in between them. The Daleks then decide to talk trash telling the Cybermen that the only way they are superior from the Daleks would be in dying. This made me crack a few laughs. It was just funny and something that I could relate to. I see trash talking as an art of war that could be a great weapon when utilized properly, I’m not saying the Daleks did, they just executed it in a humorous way.

The second dialogue  would be between the Tyler’s, coming from parallel earths the attraction and chemistry never changed. Although the whole conversation seemed to have focused on Pete’s riches you could actually feel that the conversation was more or less just a sort of courtesy in between them.  This is obvious when both of them run into each other’s arms, lost in their own little world. It was also the only time I’ve seen the Doctor shut up after being told to do so by Jackie.

The third would be the argument of the protagonists, the Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Pete. In this argument we find out who is most important person for every character. For Rose it was to support the Doctor, to keep holding his hand and keep him company during his adventures.  For the Doctor it was to take care of everyone else, never mind him, everyone else must be saved and kept alive even though it would essentially be sacrificing himself in the process. Jackie is adamant in having Rose come with her into parallel earth, even though it would mean leaving the rest of her life without parallel Pete. The last one, Pete, knew what had to happen and wanted Jackie and Rose to come with him into parallel earth. The conflict in interests would eventually force the Doctor to make the decision for them, by putting the teleporter on Rose and quickly activating it in an effort to save her, although she does return after refusing to fall for the same trick.

The fourth one would be between Rose and the Doctor a literal tearjerker. It was very heart warming how the Doctor made an effort just to be able to talk to Rose for the last time. I heard a lot of aww’s and baww’s from the audience during the class screening of the finale indicating how heart wrenching it must be (I don’t really see myself as a good judge of emotional scenes).

As far as I’m concerned the series ends when the Doctor wipes away his tears and decides to move on and continue on his travels. The part about the strange woman in a wedding dress was more of a teaser for the next episode, just to hype up the fans for the next series.

This would be the my last blog post and I only find it fitting that I declare my overall impression on Doctor Who after watching two seasons. I’m hooked.